About Us

“At ecoSansar, we are creating a market place for end-to-end sustainable options– Everything that you would need for a zero-waste lifestyle from a sustainable source.”


Gayatri Joshi, Founder, ecoSansar

Hi, I’m Gayatri, founder of ecoSansar!

An engineer by education, was an IT networking whiz by profession and now a mom and a social entrepreneur!

Having been brought up in Mumbai before settling in Bengaluru, oceans and beaches had always been a very integral part of my life. During the Mumbai floods in July 2005 the ocean literally threw all the garbage back into the city and that’s when the magnitude of our disposable plastic problem really hit me! Every inch of the road was covered with plastic and dead entangled marine lives…yes, that really happens…not somewhere far away, but very close to our own homes, in oceans, in lakes and streams and we are directly impacted!

Thats when the seed of ecoSansar was actually sown which later took root in June 2018, starting with rural handicrafts. We wanted to enable an urban lifestyle that can be guilt free and sustainable. We wanted to give our consumers the choice of conscious consumerism, where you can live without harming the beautiful environment! Nature has a circular system to ensure everything is back in the cycle and nothing is wasted, a wonderful rhythm which allows every living being to thrive! This circular cycle is what we are immensely inspired by and are trying to incorporate it into the urban lifestyle! Zerowaste can be a reality and we are inching towards it one product at a time, one conscious citizen at a time!

The social impact is at the very core of our business and the prime driver of all our decisions at ecoSansar. We collaborate with only those suppliers who think the same and we are an ever increasing team of like minded collaborators making sustainable lifestyle a reality! We cannot promise you the lowest prices but we promise you that the money will be truly well spent in supporting only ethical and ecofriendly processes!

I am personally in touch with each of our customers, one of the perks of being a small business! 🙂 Looking forward to getting in touch with you!

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