Dry waste pickup

Do you feel guilty of your DRY waste not getting disposed responsibly? We have a solution for you! Here’s Trash To Cash waiting to pickup your dry waste at your doorstep.
We ensure your waste goes through the right recycling chain and stays away from the landfills.

Here’s what we collect :

  1. Paper Waste – Torn Sheets, Newspapers, Books, Cardboard Boxes, Shredded paper and Paper Bags.
  2. Plastic- washed and dried Milk Packets, Courier Covers, Plastic bottles, Broken Plastic Furniture, Plastic containers etc.
  3. Metal Waste.
  4. Appliances.
  5. Unbroken Glass Bottles, Household Bottles.

You can also get paid for the waste as appropriate!
Also, a 15% discount coupon code for shopping on ecoSansar website will be shared at the time of pickup. That automatically takes your eco-friendly living one notch up!

Click here to fill in your details and we will get in touch with you shortly