Apple Cider Vinegar


This organic apple cider vinegar (ACV) comes from apple orchards in Himachal and is raw, organic, unfiltered and unpasteurized hence contains a wealth of raw enzymes and beneficial bacteria. After a really really long search, Healthy Buddha finally found an authentic and reliable source that could make this for us.

Since this is a natural vinegar, some layer of ‘mother of vinegar’ will develop on top, when in contact with oxygen (this is a sign of purity and nothing to worry, simply needs to be shaken and consumed). Also the acidity will slowly increase over time. Contains only fermented apple juice with an acidity of 3.5% – 5%. Shelf life of 10-12 months.

ACV is made by fermenting the sugar in apples and this process created acetic acid which makes the ACV acidic. Hence an over-dose or excess of it can cause stomach upset or diarrhea. Moderation is advised. 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to 1 cup of water (can be warm or normal) is known to dilute the acidity (1 teaspoon of honey can be added to the combination as well), however, its best to adjust the proportion to your body type.

Uses: Drinking apple cider vinegar daily is a sure way to improve every aspect of one’s health and life. Just keep in mind that drinking apple cider vinegar straight from the bottle is not recommended as it can burn your esophagus. Instead, mix one tablespoon with 250 ml of water.

Did you know: ACV has long been used as an alternative to shampoo, its known to improve blood circulation to the hair follicles that encourages hair growth and prevent loss

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