Garden and Compost Natural Spray


Natural Fertilizer and Pest repellent for Garden.
Use with 2% dilution, spray on leaves
Spray directly as Accelerator in compost for odour control or bio-digester process
100% Natural | Handcrafted| Biodegradable
Contains : Citrus peel extract with soapnuts and pure essential oil

This product will be retailed in a reused container



Refundable Container Deposit

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Praanapoorna Collective are on a mission to provide effective natural alternatives to all chemical cleaners. The chemical cleaners are destroying our waterways. Nature has provided us with effective resources which also helps in maintaining an equilibrium of the life force of nature, hence the name ‘PraanaPoorna’ .

With no toxic byproducts during manufacturing, these products are one of the most sustainable and effective alternatives to chemical toxic cleaners.

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PraanaPoorna Collective


375 ML


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