Groundnut Oil (Cold pressed)


Extraction by industrial methods, involves various processes like bleaching, steaming, distillation and hydrogenation – the seeds are exposed to extremely high temperatures to get clear bland oil and chemicals like phosphoric acid, calcium hypo chlorite are added to increase the shelf life of the product which in turn affects not only the flavor and aroma but also strips the oil of all its nutritive values. The more refined an oil is the less nourishing it will be for our bodies. Before refined oils we were traditionally using cold pressed oils- in our local terms, Chekku ennai/Ghani tel”. No heat or minimal heat was used for crushing/pressing the seeds and the process of production was simple without the addition of any solvent. The end product, thereby was qualitative with nutrients intact – making it ideal for cooking.

Benefits of using organic cold pressed oils:

Unprocessed – No added preservatives and chemicals Absolutely free of pesticides (which are arguably carcinogenic) High in Vitamin E and micro nutrients that are vital for our holistic well-being. Completely free from Trans-fat. Retains antioxidants. As it is manually filtered, it is more viscous and retains the flavour fully.

Ground nut oil from sun dried ground nuts, good source of plant sterols – helps in reducing heart disease rich in antioxidants thereby protects against cancer. Cold pressed groundnut oil is rich in MUFA. It is free of trans fat. The smoke point of cold pressed groundnut oil is around 160 degree Celsius.

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