Natural Toilet Cleaner – Citric Bioenzyme based


This is a thick citrus peel extract based disinfectant cleaner using natural ingredients.

Yes, you read it right…this is actually a natural product which is strong and effective.

Citric natural ingredients do have strong acidic properties to clean, declog and disinfect toilets and drainages without emanating any of the toxic fumes that chemical cleaners generate. The chemical cleaners kill the waterways and its aquatic life in which the water is let out with their toxicity.

This natural cleaner dilutes and biodegrades in the waterways thus cleaning your homes without harming the environment!

Directions for use : pour 3 capfuls of the liquid in the space that you want to clean and let it soak for 20 to 30min. Then brush and clean like regular process.


Effective against odour and flies. Acidic

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Praanapoorna Collective are on a mission to provide effective natural alternatives to all chemical cleaners. The chemical cleaners are destroying our waterways. Nature has provided us with effective resources which also helps in maintaining an equilibrium of the life force of nature, hence the name ‘PraanaPoorna’ .

With no toxic byproducts during manufacturing, these products are one of the most sustainable and effective alternatives to chemical toxic cleaners.

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