Upcycled Buntings


Made from fabric waste which would otherwise be thrown in landfills, here is a colourful patchwork bunting to brighten up your space, that our team has handcrafted with a lot of love. We have added this product keeping in mind the need for reusable decorations, that can be washed and used for lifetime, thus reducing single use decorations from your space. Every single product made is unique in colour and combination, just like you.

Size : Single length of 3 mts length

Disclaimer: All these products are upcycled from waste. The colours you receive will be based on the stock availability at the time of your order. The colour and pattern of the patches differ from product to product. (what you receive might slightly differ from what is shown in the image) But the design, quality and finish will be the same as seen in the image.

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