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Our ancestors lived in tandem with nature. We find ourselves yet again, taking a look at the practices we used to follow in the past. We have been using Coconut Coir as a scrubber for vessels since a long time. Many of us growing up would have used coconut coirs as scrubbers for cleaning our utensils.  They always did a great job of cleaning our utensils. If you haven’t, check with your parents or grandparents.
  • Normal coir scrubber tend to come out very easily. So we have got these stitched up to ensure they dont come out easily. Each scrubber can be used for 3-6 days depending on your usage.
  • They are 100% natural, and does the job well. Coconut fiber scrub pads are biodegradable. They come from the Earth and in the end, they return back to Earth.
  • These scrubbers won’t scratch even with greater pressure. The fiber is durable enough to even tackle the burnt foods on stainless steel pans. It’s highly suitable for delicate surfaces like China and Shower Glass as well.
Other features include:
  1. Safe for your hands and nails
  2. Stay fresh for months
  3. Powerfully Durable
  4. All surface friendly
  5. Removes baked-on grease easily
  6. Scratch-free
  7. Non-toxic
  8. Odorless
  9. Anti-bacterial
  10. Rinses clean with water
  11. Non-absorbent
  12. Dries quickly
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