Sustainability consultancy

Want to live sustainably and don’t know where to start? Having to browse through all the info on the internet can be so discouraging and misleading too sometimes!
Just speak to our expert Lakshmi (Founder – Prithvimitra) about anything and everything about sustainability and get authentic information and support!

Consultation Package : Rs.999/- plus taxes
Features/Benefits : All authentic and easy to follow practical methods.
1 on 1 consultation
Duration : Complimentary 15 min session plus 1 hour consultation
Topics covered :
Waste segregation
Toxin free living
Sustainable daily living tips
Bioenzyme – What are they and how to make it at home!
Low/zerowaste events
A 15% discount coupon code for shopping on ecoSansar at the end of the session!

Here’s how to get yourself started:
Just fill in your details in the form below and we will get in touch with you shortly to schedule/discuss more.