As a social enterprise, we have always focused on REDUCING waste in the urban context through a zero waste store for groceries and cleaners. The rapid increase in household waste due to shifting consumer lifestyles made it clear that this issue requires more than just a service, it demands an inclusive system intervention.

The ZeroWaste Community Tool aims to be just that, a ground zero intervention that connects the consumer with the system via the local workforce to create a resilient, scalable, inclusive, and a strong backbone for the Circular Economy.


Meet the Team

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Gayatri Joshi


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Amod Kabade

Business and Tech Strategy Consultant

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Saritha Devpunje

CTO (Consultant)

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Pallavi Sharma

Advisor / Leadership Mentor

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Capt Tapas Majumdar

Sustainability Practitioner / Advisor / ESG consultant

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Ranjith Rao

Business Coach

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Rohini Ravee Ramanathan

Media Specialist